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EFootball is ready for full release

After more than half a year since the frustrating start of free-to-play e-ball, Konami sees it is time for a full release. Based on fan feedback, a lot of changes have been made, and even a new game mode that fits version 1.0.

Konami decided last year to replace the Pro Evolution Soccer series with the free eFootball game. The publisher had already expected that the game’s first release would be just a demo, but in the end it wasn’t just the content that was the problem: the start was so disastrous that Konami had to apologize to the players as well. .

Since then, they have been steadily working on the soccer game, and Konami did it yesterday RuleIt’s time for a full release—and it’s not too far away, with April 14th set to be the premiere. The developers promise to listen to the complaints of truly angry fans and make a number of changes and improvements to the style of eFootball.

Improved defense handling and passing mechanics, as well as new, more intuitive commands for both activities. Online connectivity has been enhanced, we got new match tactics settings and we also got a new game mode called Dream Team. It was previously created by Konami under the name Creative Team, but along with the name it has changed many elements of the original idea – although it won’t go into detail in the post.

EFootball will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The release of the mobile version has been delayed, which Konami has again apologized for.

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