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Elden Ring players trade runes on eBay

Thanks to the cunning of some Elden Ring players, lazy players just have to open their wallets to get some valuable runes.

After years of waiting, just a few days ago, FromSoftware’s latest innovation, Elden Ring, was finally released. The hype around the game seems to have drawn not only seasoned fans, but also the wary, as the stats so far seem extraordinary. Lots of people break their knives In the latest relentless adventure in the studio.

It is easy for many players to be satisfied with this, as more and more people are doing it Offered on eBayThey are willing to exchange runes (i.e. an essential resource for leveling) for real money in a rather skillful and risky exchange.

Elden Ring is not a traditional online role-playing game, which means that we do not have the opportunity to exchange items with other players in the usual sense, but rune dealers also bypass this: buyers can simply call the seller to, who then promises that he will drop the loot in front of them and step aside.

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Obviously the main problem with this is that it requires so much trust in a wild stranger that we can’t in any way force the seller to appear in our game. It’s also worth noting that while we can get quite a bit of runes for $15, that won’t change anything for the rest of the game: our equipment won’t improve, boss fights won’t be easier, and if we die, we’ll leave millions of runes, not a few hundred .

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So, even if it sounds like a promising proposition, knowing the game may be more of a trick than a real help. We better be patient with the game and We may ask for some help.

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