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Elden Ring – The machine has arrived

  • The device is out of demand
  • You only need 12 GB of RAM to get started
  • It will be released on February 25th

It seems he is elden ring It won’t be as hardware friendly as the previous PC versions of FromSoftware, at least if we start with the omitted specs. According to the announcement, which aligns with last week’s leak, players will need at least 12GB of memory to run the game at all, and 16GB is clearly preferable to run everything smoothly. However, the GPU requirements are more interesting, with the GTX 1060 (with 3GB of VRAM) listed as the minimum required for gaming with the soul, while the GTX 1070 is rated as a recommended option.

It should be noted that PC players often bypass the official system requirements and are able to run the game on devices much weaker than recommended. Therefore, players who do not have the recommended devices should wait a while for the initial commotion to subside and then watch how elden ring Practically on PC (even with underperformance modes), since all of the game renderings made so far have appeared on the console version. the elden ring It will be released on PC on February 25 as well as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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