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Elon Musk gets rid of the birds: From day X is the new name of Twitter

Elon Musk gets rid of the birds: From day X is the new name of Twitter

As a sign of the change, the giant X, Twitter’s new logo, was displayed on the company’s headquarters in San Francisco on Sunday night, and users already saw it on the social network’s homepage on Monday. The entrepreneur who bought the company last fall for $44 billion wrote in a post early Monday that he was saying goodbye to the Twitter brand name and was “phasing out” all the birds referring to the microblogging service’s previous logo.

Over the weekend, Musk revealed his plan to change the light blue color scheme turned into black and white. Asked by users what they call their posts, which were named tweets on Twitter, Musk replied in the future with, “Feel free to call them X.” The owner of the parent company of the social network formerly called Twitter has changed its name and corporate form from Twitter Inc. to X Corp.

Press reports indicate that the X appears in the names of many of Elon Musk’s companies, including his aerospace and space exploration company., the common name for Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is SpaceX. The businessman recently founded a company that deals with the development of artificial intelligence Like xAI. It was established in 1999 His startup was called X.comthe online payment platform known today as PayPal grew out of this.

Linda Iaccarino, president and CEO of the social media outlet, wrote of Twitter’s name and image change Sunday that “X represents the future of unlimited interaction.” In recent months, several innovations have been announced in the company that previously operated under the name Twitter. Among other things, a paid service was offered to so-called verified users (identified as trustworthy).. The primary goal of the amendments is to turn a social media giant that is operating at a huge loss into a profitable business.

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Cover photo credit: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images