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Elon Musk’s rocket will change the moon in March

in March
slams in place An Elon Musk rocket launched on the moon, the Falcon-9, in 2015, which has been drifting uncontrollably in space for seven years. There is no reason to panic, the Moon survives the confrontation largely unscathed, and nearby American and Indian satellites can take advantage of the collision, as they can instantly notice what happens when a four-ton piece of garbage hits the celestial body.

The second stage of the rocket is expected to reach the lunar surface on March 4th, but exactly where is still uncertain. Bill Gray, creator of the Near Earth Observation Guide Program according to
The timing is pretty clear, but the exact location may be affected by the amount of sun radiation responded by previous models. The shape of the rocket doesn’t help with the exact location either: As it drifts through space, it spins back and forth, making it difficult to determine where the sun’s rays are moving in its orbit.

From the first crash of the moon

According to Gray, nothing has ever happened before that a man-made object has accidentally moved to the Moon, although it hasn’t done so many times. On the other hand, a rocket hit the orb: In 2009, NASA directed an expendable rocket there on the LCROSS mission to investigate the effects of the collision, but researchers also expect valuable data from the current strike.

Falcon-9 is expected to reach the moon at 2.58 km/s and won’t hit much dust. Among the more optimistic observers is meteorologist Eric Berger, who has said the landscape unfolding under the moon’s surface can provide valuable data for science, and Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell.
according to
However, there will be nothing special to see here, although it is undoubtedly an interesting event.

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The rocket was launched from Florida in February 2015 and was launched into space by a weather satellite, but after it ran out of fuel, it was unable to return to Earth and has been drifting freely ever since.

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