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Emilio’s wife can’t keep up

ribbon Emilio Sometimes his wife tests his luck in the lottery, Fortuna has not yet smiled at him. However, her mother has a definite idea of ​​how she would celebrate if her numbers were pulled.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t tell Vivi and Emil anything at first, just to take their passports with them. We were meeting at the airport and we were already going to travel around the world a bit. I was going to celebrate a big holiday if my numbers were pulled. I don’t think I would pack it, I’m going with my family to a tropical place immediately.” Happy Tina, who sometimes not only dreams about this, but also dreams about what she will spend on the prize. He makes sure to spend some money to beautify his beloved garden.

Photo: Hit TV

“Unfortunately, during the winter, one of my palms gave up, so I and I came to a garden to find a solution to their problems and look for new plants. Needless to say, our attention was already drawn to the entrance to a plant that was not just a plant. While we couldn’t believe How much would it cost if all the lottery prizes in the world were torn around our necks, maybe we would invest in one. I don’t feel sorry for the money I got from pretty flowers or plants anyway, and unfortunately I don’t have the amount to spend on them. Sure, I try to be sane and in control , but it is very hard to resist a great flower or a new pot. To me buying flowers is at least as much pleasure, if not more, than choosing between beautiful clothes and shoes.” He said Welcome to the family! In the show Tina Jelinek.

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