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Emmanuel Macron –

No ultimatum and no 48-hour deadline

stressed on Thursday Olivia Gregoire The government spokesman denied that the head of state had tried to pressure the opposition.

The ultimatum is the end, but it opens the beginning of negotiations and the beginning of consensus and settlement. We are talking about several days, it may take several weeks

he added.

Emmanuel Macron In a live televised address on Wednesday evening, he assured the French that they were ready to compromise with his political opponents and asked them to clarify their position by Friday night.

The president admitted it

You must learn to govern and legislate differently,

Using the term compromise many times. He pointed out that in the current situation no political force can legislate on its own, which is completely new in France.

I am determined to take into account the need for change that people have clearly called for

said the chief.

He identified two possible scenarios.

One is the agreements made for each bill, sometimes with the right, sometimes with the left, and the other is the creation of a broader coalition.

However, Emmanuel Macron ruled out the possibility of forming a national unity government.

Opposition party leaders strongly criticized the president’s speech and rejected any government alliance with Emmanuel Macron. Most expect the head of state to take the first step and make clear proposals on how he envisions special legislation in the National Assembly.

It’s pressed against the wall, not us

announce Valerie Rabo Socialist representative. on the right side Bruno Ritaio The senator put it this way:

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Naturally, we said no: our representatives were given a clear mandate from our constituents to take a seat in the opposition.

Emmanuel Macron’s call was directed primarily at the Socialists, who are a member of the currently left-wing opposition coalition, NUPES, and the conservative Republicans. The radical leftist revolutionary leads the left-wing alliance with France and Marine Le Pen Led by the national focus, government agencies have ruled out cooperation.

Four days after the parliamentary elections, there is still a clear majority in the lower house of parliament that can secure the ability to govern after Emmanuel Macron’s party and the center allies together! On Sunday, the second round of elections lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the president received the leaders of the parties belonging to the current majority government and the opposition separately in his office to find possible constructive solutions in favor of the French.

The ruling party for the next five years It will have only 246 seats out of the 577 members of the National Assembly, while so far it was 345. An absolute majority requires 289 votes. The left has 150 members in four factions, the National Constituency has a group of 89 members, while the traditional right has 61 members.

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