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Emmy Award-winning hairstylist Bridgerton dies of coronary virus

Mark Belcher, 53, traveled to the United States for the Emmy Awards and became ill after returning home despite being vaccinated.

Died at the age of 53 Mark Belcher Translator and make-up artist who won an Emmy just three weeks ago Bridgeton About his work in the series,” the artist’s agency confirmed Varietinic.

Belcher, who lives in the United Kingdom, traveled to Los Angeles in September with several negative coronavirus tests for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards a week before the Primetime Emmy. Among other things, he was called to the stage when he was Bridgeton Won the award for best hairdressing performance. After the success, Belcher flew home to Europe, where he fell ill shortly after returning. Testing eventually proved he had a coronavirus infection that spread the man so strong that he died on October 3.

Belcher had no known health problems, and in addition, he was already vaccinated with both doses.

Belcher began his career behind the scenes in London’s West End, after which he worked as a makeup and hairstylist in a number of films, series, and visuals. In 2018, he was also nominated for an Academy Award two queens for the movie where Sawiris Ronal And Margot Robbie-work with. His last job is The King’s Man: Beginnings, Which will be shown in Hungary on December 23 this year.

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