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Enable the new Microsoft Office interface under Windows 10

When we introduced the new features of Windows 11 that year, We showed it too, the way Microsoft Office 2021 applications, which have been re-engineered like the Redmond system, will look. Of course, the software in the office suite They are not only renewed in terms of appearance: Teamwork has become more effective (change notifications, more modern annotation interfaces, etc.), ability to create custom views in Excel, dynamic arrays, ASSIGN function, XMATCH function, revamped text reader, manual object operation, support Advanced color for the modern reader, G-animation of PowerPoint slides, optimized performance and a host of small fixes and innovations await users. In addition, a slightly cleaner interface and, of course, the now-familiar, eye-friendly dark mode have been added to the programs. For Windows 11, these changes are reflected in the interface automatically so that the Office suite perfectly adapts to the new environment. However, in Windows 10, the new interface isn’t turned on by default yet, so anyone who wants to try it out needs a little trick. Here’s how to launch the new Microsoft Office interface in Windows 10.

Enable the new Microsoft Office interface under Windows 10

Fortunately, there is no need to think about any serious actions, starting the new interface is just a few clicks away. But in principle, there is a basic requirement: you need to upgrade to Windows 10, at least 21H2 (minimum version 19044.1387). If it works for someone with an earlier version, that’s good news. This is the only way we can work with us, and of course we need to upgrade my Office apps to the latest version with our Microsoft 365 subscription.

However, if both the system and the Office suite are in the latest version on your device, all you have to do is launch one of the Word, Excel or PowerPoint (whichever) applications, then it will appear in the top right of the interface in the section Click on the little speaker icon (Expected news) . An additional sidebar will appear to notify us of the new external access, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the feed, you will also find the option to try a new user experience.

We need to run this app and then restart it. If we did everything right, the rebooted Word, Excel or PowerPoint will now come back with a fresh opening image and a revamped interface. If needed, an interactive guide will walk you through the news, but you can skip that and start using the redesigned Office apps.

As an add-on, you can even test the dark mode, which is a file file / account It can be turned on or off in the Office theme option. You can choose from several formats, and even set Office programs to always adapt to the way your system works.

Of course, anyone who does not want to update and now turn on preview modes can wait for one of the next updates, as the new interface may already be available by default. Until then, it could be a good time Our previous advice about Office Read on to see if there are any tricks in the practical guides that can help you in your day-to-day work.

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