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End of the iPod era | euronews

More than two decades ago, that is, 21 years ago, Apple started making iPods that revolutionized listening to music, but now the company has decided not to make more of these products.

The announcement has triggered a sensitivity among music fans, with a series of posts on Twitter about how much they love the device.

“end of an era”

The development team at the BBC World Service in English said Thursday that it should not be disappointed, because technology development is a never-ending process where eras begin and end, and what was good on the iPod would not exist without the iPad nor the iPhone, so development was not in vain.

The iPod Touch was designed by the same team that later created the iPhone, but the well-managed, multifunctional mobile phone soon eclipsed the iPod.

The pain of some is a deep sadness

When the first iPod was released in 2001, it was able to store thousands of songs. Today, there are more than 90 million songs on Apple’s streaming service.

Apple updated its iPod in 2019 two years ago. The slowdown in the pace of updates indicates a slowdown in the times.

Over the years, a variety of iPod models have spawned—including the Nano and Shuffle—but the iPod Touch, released in 2007, is the last model to be discontinued.

The products are still in demand by many. The manufacturer comforts them that it can still be obtained “until stocks run out”.