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England – Blikk opens its doors on Monday

The coronavirus situation in England is so good that in March the exit restrictions imposed nearly three months ago to curb the coronavirus epidemic were lifted.

The UK government decided to open stores and, in part, restaurants, on Monday. More specifically, shops that sell non-essential consumer goods, as well as restaurants without restrictions on opening hours – restaurants and bars – have the option of serving outdoor food.

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“It is really gratifying that the pre-set conditions for further easing of restrictions have been met, so that the second phase of the gradual opening could take place in England from April 12th, as tentatively planned.” The Hungarian embassy in London responded to the news, he writes Contents

Next Monday, he himself goes to a bar and drinks a pint of beer “cautiously but irreversibly.” – The British head of state, referring to the official expression of the government’s inaugural agenda, said a “cautious but irreversible” process to ease restrictions aimed at curbing the Coronavirus epidemic.

Not only do hairdressers open up, cosmetics, and community facilities like libraries, however There is an opportunity for domestic tourism in England using self-catering accommodation. The opening will take place at different rates in different parts of the island country.

“The relaxation, which will take effect on Monday, will affect movement and recreation within the country, which of course will be a great source of relief for the Hungarians who live here, as there have been strict restrictions in most parts of the United Kingdom since the beginning of January.” Most prominent London ambassador Ferenc Komen.

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The diplomat also drew attention to the fact that, aside from easing restrictions, no one still plans to enter until the Hungarian and British authorities allow it. Also, at present, international travel – from the UK – is only permitted in certain urgent cases.

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