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England draws 19 cards: it cancels, among other things, the obligation to wear a mask

He said this decision was made possible by an unprecedented nationwide vaccination campaign across Europe, and the number of infections from the Omicron coronavirus appeared to have peaked after a very rapid rise in recent months.

More than 90 per cent of members aged over 60 in England have already received a third booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine. According to the latest figures from the UK Department of Health, 36.5 million people in the UK as a whole have received the three doses of the vaccine so far; It is approximately two-thirds of the total British population.

The number of newly identified and screened coronavirus infections fell by 39 percent nationwide in the past week. Based on all this, from Thursday next year, a certificate of vaccination will no longer be required as a condition of entry to institutions in England where it is currently required by government regulations, MTI says.

Compulsory masking in high school classrooms will be repealed as early as Thursday, and the Education Department will soon repeal the regulation requiring concealment in school community rooms.

The British Prime Minister announced that once the current general epidemiological regulations expire, the obligation to wear a mask will be lifted in all other places, including public transport and shops.

The expiration date of the current set of anti-epidemic rules is midnight next Wednesday, which means that Boris Johnson has almost announced that there will be no need to wear a mask anywhere in England from next Thursday.

This also means ending impunity for those who do not wear masks, but each establishment may continue to require visitors to wear a mask at their own discretion.

he added.

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The government is also withdrawing a recommendation that encourages working from home for activities that allow remote work.

From Boris Johnson’s indefinite announcement, it can be concluded that the withdrawal of this recommendation is immediate: the prime minister said the government’s guidance on working from home “is no longer valid”. In the case of coronavirus, quarantine remains mandatory for now, but the government also wants to end this obligation in the short term.

Boris Johnson put it this way: The time will soon come to abolish the legal framework of apartheid entirely, just as the law does not require the separation of people with influenza.

The current quarantine regulations will expire on March 24, but if pandemic data permit, he would like to bring the expiration date forward in Parliament.

With this, Johnson effectively announced that the government will not ask Parliament to extend the “Plan B” to combat the epidemic, which expires next Thursday after the outbreak of the Omicron virus entered into force last November.

A certificate of vaccination or a negative result of a recent rapid coronavirus test must be submitted under Plan B for entry to nightclubs and high-profile events in England.

In addition, the mask must be worn in most closed community institutions in England, including theaters and cinemas, and the government has recommended working from home for all who can do this, although this has not been mandatory.

Stricter measures have been taken in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but local governments have also announced the lifting of restrictions and regulations in recent days.

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