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England: Southgate Press Conference – NSO

England captain Gareth Southgate held a press conference in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers against Hungary on Tuesday evening.


The English press conference began silently.

I mean, you don’t have to think of some kind of tainted silence here, but the hosts just had an online press conference, which started in silence, so in the first minute or two, readers can only tell what they’re talking about. Gareth Southgate Federal captain. Then I just managed to connect.

Mason Mount, England midfielder
“In some ways, the match in Budapest was one of the best atmospheres I played in. I mean, everyone was really against us, that motivates us players, and the end result proves how tight we are. We had a hard time figuring that out at first, and we were able to figure it out after the turn.” The Hungarian national team was a tough opponent, but as a team we got out of that match.”

“It always gives me a headache deciding who to start with and sometimes I feel like I’m making a mistake The specialist said. – Regardless, there will definitely be changes compared to the Andorra match. We have a strong framework, and everyone understands that he is a valuable member of the team. We played an unfriendly game against Andorra and I appreciate the performance we saw there. I can’t say much more about racism or tolerance than I’ve already said, and I don’t think it will have any significance for tomorrow’s match.”

Without multiple players Marco Rosival So unlike Southgate, he has more fun problems, which is that he has to choose eleven players from among many good players. This situation is also the result of youth training.

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“When I started working for the federation, the goal was to try to change the outlook of English players,” he continued. – In recent years, other types of young footballers have emerged, who are more technically skilled, which is very important against closed opponents like Andorra. Speaking to several foreign coaches, I had a feeling that they are respected and perhaps even greater recognition of our work.”

There may be eight hundred Hungarians in the match
We recently asked the FA if they expected any fan disruption or considered the Anglo-Hungarian match to be high risk, but we received a response from the FA not to comment on security measures. He revealed that 70-75 thousand fans are waiting for the match, and it is estimated that there will be eight hundred Hungarians, most of whom live in the United Kingdom.

European Qualifications Group 1, October matches
Round 7
Saturday October 9
Hungary – Albania 0-1
(issue 80)
Poland – San Marino 5-0 (Swiedersky 10, Broly 20 – Marma Goal, Kidziora 50, Boksa 84, Biatek 90 + 1.)
Andorra Anglia 0-5 (Shelwell 17., B. Saka 40., T. Abraham 59., Ward Prause 79., Grealish 86.)

Round 8
Tuesday 12 October
England-Hungary – Live on a UFO!
20.45: San Marino – Andorra
20.45: Albania and Poland – Live on a UFO!

Group I case.
1. Anglia 7 6 1 23-2 +21 19
2. Albania 7 5 2 11-6 +5 15th
3. Poland 7 4 2 1 8-24 +16 14
4. Hungary 7 3 1 3 12-11 +1 10
5. Andorra 7 1 6 4-19 -15th 3
6. San Marino 7 7 1–29 –28 0