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English Bulldogs are twice as sick as other dogs

June 20 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Author: S.Zs.

A new study shows that the English bulldog suffers from twice as many health problems as dogs of other breeds.

According to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), the breeding of the breed must be modified. People are told not to buy an English Bulldog – as well as two other popular breeds, a French Bulldog and a terrier – until breeding problems are resolved. The Guardian wrote online that pet owners are being asked not to promote the breed with photos on social media.

The English bulldog has become popular over the past ten years: he is often compared to Winston Churchill for his unpleasant, swollen “face”. The fashion with increasingly extreme traits – a flat muzzle, wrinkled skin and a plump body – has made the breed susceptible to many health problems.

His large, bulging eyes and flat profile make the English Bulldog a “cute” dog, but after years of selective breeding, his extreme body shape has become detrimental to his health. RVC member Dan O’Neill, one of the authors of a study published in Canine Medicine and Genetics, said.

Humans play a large role in expecting less extreme but healthier individuals It is to explain.

English Bulldogs suffer from twice as many health problems as dogs of other breeds
Photo: Unsplash – Josue Michel

The English Bulldog was once a muscular and athletic looking breed that, over the years, as it became a popular pet, its skull became shorter and shorter, its jaws raised, its skin more wrinkled, and its body became more stocky.

The bulldog’s “amazing” popularity is understandable, according to the expert: his large head and eyes, his gentle nature remind him of a baby, evoke caring instincts. However, what one considers pleasant on the outside is in many cases the animal’s lifelong suffering O’Neill added.

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Breeding in many countries already forbiddenAnd a working group says that could happen in the UK if nothing changes.

Breeders have known a lot of diseases associated with the body for more than a century. Responsible, health-oriented breeding ‘could improve well-being of folk breed’ According to Alison Skipper, a veterinary historian at King’s College London.

The study compared the health of thousands of domesticated English dogs and other dog breeds. The former were found to be twice as likely to develop disease in one year as individuals of other breeds.

The most common complaint was inflammation of the skin folds, which occurs 38 times more often than other types, the so-called cherry eye – a rupture of the bladder gland – which is 26 times more likely to have a lower jaw and 19 times more respiratory problems, and they were more likely to progress.