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English Premier League, Group H: Chelsea-Juventus-UFO

Chelsea – Juventus Champions League match minute by minute: goals, positions and points of interest – Follow the match with live National Sport Online text coverage, then read the summary, commentary and tell us what you think of the match!

Rhys James at work (Photo: AFP)


Champions League

H . group
Chelsea (English) – Juventus (Italy) 3–0
London, Stamford Bridge. Lead: Szrjan Jovanovic (Serbian)
Chelsea: Mendy – Chalobah, T. Silva, Rüdiger – R. James, Kanté (Loftus-Cheek, 38.), Jorginho, Chilwell – Zijes, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi
boss: Thomas Tuchel
Juventus: Szczesny – Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro – Rabiot, Locatelli, Bentancur (Dybala, 59.), McKinney – Chiesa, Morata
Coach: Massimo Allegri
Goal: Shaloba (25.), R. James (56.), Hudson-Odoi (58.)

minute by minute

64 minutes: Moroccans need care.

63 minutes: Zijes gets a good ball at the left end of 16, pushes it to the right, then drops to the ground in Rabiot’s fist. Chelsea players complained, but the referee kept calling. The ball is back at Chelsea soon, but Zeggs hasn’t recovered quickly either… Maybe he’s not emulating?!

While Chelsea scored three goals, Juventus had a total of three attempts to score in 60 minutes.

59 minutes: Bentancourt is down, struggling with slight muscle damage, so don’t start Dybala in!

58th minute: What a goal! Action played in Chess Matig! Rudiger bends the ball behind the defenders, James takes it from the right of the five, puts it a little behind him, so instead of his shot he passes in front of Zeggs, who plays in the semicircle, Loftus-Cheek runs left between two people and then the shooter falls .. Coming Hudson Uduinak, Who changes the goal from 6 meters to the goal! 3-0

56th minute: It’s good! Chelsea go with two! Chilwell enters from the left, Zijes arrives in the middle, De Ligt turns away from him, but the long-running mosques In front of him, who takes it with his chest in front of him, then shoots long shots from the right, at a slightly sharp angle, 8 meters! 2-0

55 minutes: Jorginho Betancur attacks, who also sells the ball, Zijes gets it in the 16th court, speeds up, and passes to the left where Hudson-Odoi comes in, the latter runs off an acute angle, three slips into a block, finally a perverted Szczesny can defend!

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53 minutes: James took a free kick from the left side of the field, with 16 minutes passed by Thiago Silva from the left.

Juventus had no attempts to score goals throughout the first half.

50 minutes: James was going to pass the ball from the right, but he found Rabie, who was five feet away, on his face. The French need care. Judging by the replays, it’s no wonder at all.

49 minutes: Hudson-Odoi blocking a shot from De Ligt.

Chelsea started the second half even more strongly.

46 minutes: The match continues! Chelsea players walked out of the locker room sooner or later.


The first half is over!

45 + 3. Minutes: Bentancur tried a good shot from 26-27 metres but turned right over the top left!

45 + 2. min
: McKennie had a great ball up front with a number 16, shot a little left, and it became a huge balloon.

45 minutes: Two minutes is the planned addition!

44 minutes: After a brief altercation with the defender, Chilwell finally put the ball into the net in the 26th minute of match time.

44 minutes: Hudson-Odoi is about to receive the ball, McKennie can’t reach him, the England winger puts the ball in front of him, shoots, but Bonucci can save it.

43 minutes: This Zijes angle is now harmless.

42 minutes: James bends to the right corner, Thiago Silva runs forward but can only plaster back, Zeggs rallies at the left end of the 16 and then wrestles a corner kick against Cuadrado.

39 minutes: Chiesa sends a corner kick from the right, and the ball goes to a short ball. He complained about a corner kick, but hit the ball rebounding off the goal line for the last time.

38 minutes: Another dangerous corner kick from Zijes to the left, Rüdiger in the middle, headed the ball perfectly clean, but only half a meter from the left side of the goal!

38 minutes: Kante may have been injured and replaced with Loftus-Cheek!

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37 minutes: Rhys James takes a cross from the right edge of the 16-yard box, targets the bottom right, and Chesney drives it just wide of the goal with a great throw!

34 minutes: Zeges rushes in the middle, passes to Pulisic, who turns right, then plays on Kantet, pulls the Frenchman from the right end of the 16, shoots 10-11 meters from the goal, but the ball barely leaves his foot, and Locatelli can block it – she.

30 minutes: Brazilian Beck is running again on the field, looks like he’s going to be fine. His colleagues will come to him with a drink if there is a win.

29 minutes: game over. Thiago Silva needs care. He was really sacrificing himself…

28th minute: What memorize! Locatelli arches the ball behind the London defenders, Morata takes over, Mendy runs out of his net, but Thiago Silva’s backstroke hits the ball in front of the goal line with a self-sacrificing half-lap.

Filmed on video, Rudiger was a little skeptical about the situation, but in the end, the VAR tech room was seen as not hitting the ball with an irregular body.

Twenty-fifth minute: It’s good! Chelsea leads! Zeggs passes the ball from the left, from the corner, in the long Rabiot and Rudiger jumps up, the German body continues to drift, only Shloba Who shoots into the net from 6 meters in the middle! He also bounced off one of the defenders, leaving him unprotected against Chesney. 1–0

The free kick routine saw the ball quickly turn to one side of the penalty area and then back to the other, Chesney appeared near the post and led it off the goalkeeper. The Polish goalkeeper was also a little surprised if he advanced half a step to the left of the pass, unable to defend.

22 minutes: Hudson-Odoi made a good start from 40 metres, Cuadrado tries to stop, the England winger turns left of the 16 and jerk backs down. Free kick and yellow card.

Kanté played almost as a right winger in the final minutes, and appeared on the field as Zijest awaited.

19 minutes: Rüdiger tried to regain a target for his territory but despite all his hard work on the right flank, he couldn’t complete the move.

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Chelsea had possession of the ball, with an average of 60 percent of possession.

Thirteenth minute: Zeggs’ foul was committed by Morata, and Locatelli took the free kick, but Juventus could not get past it.

The two teams are now playing together for the sixth time in the European Cup stage. Chelsea have only managed to win once so far, with Juventus winning twice on the scales as well as two draws. They ran together on September 29 this season: Juventus won 1-0 in Turin.

11 minutes: Cuadrado moved away from the right flank, and passed the ball to the 16th minute for a shot, where Chiesa reached, but Rudiger managed to take the ball out of it.

1,300 fans were able to travel to London.

8 minutes: After a corner kick from Zeggs, Cuadrado cut the ball. This time the ball lands in the middle from the right, Shloba arrives and heads from a distance of 8 metres, slightly from left to bottom right.

5 minutes: Hudson-Odoi tries to catch the ball but it slips out of his hands, but Locatelli blocks it.

3 minutes: Chilwell’s shot went far. This was the first opportunity.

1 minute: The match has begun!

Morata during the warm-up (Photo: AFP)

before the match

• Juventus have already secured a place in the top 16 – if they do not move away from Chelsea in the fifth round, their victory in the group is assured.

• Chelsea will also advance if they score a point against Juventus or if they do not beat Zenit Malmo. It follows that St. Petersburg can only stay in the race for second place if it wins in Sweden, while Chelsea will also be knocked out by Juventus at home.

The case of group H.
1. Juventus 4 4

9-2 +7 12
2. Chelsea 4 3 1 6-1 +5 9
3. Zenit 4 1 3 6-6 0 3
4. Malmo 4 4 0-12 -12 0