According to the prime minister, the budget also works well with the fact that the richest Hungarian became his childhood friend.

“All rules must be followed and all taxes must be paid,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the press conference of government spokesmen in the 100 richest Hungary. To your list issued today. According to the prime minister, all he can say about such lists is that 80 percent of participants are still leftists, and the goal will be more balanced, which means that more right-wing players will be needed in the rich lists. “We are still far from the desired balance,” he declared.

The relationship between politics and business was also determined by the Prime Minister: on the right, the rule is that business and politics should not be confused, as was the case with and with Josef Antal and Peter Burrows. According to him, the opposite appears on the left: big capitalists and businessmen lead the left and become prime ministers, a good example of this is Peter Medgyessy, Gordon Bagnay or Ferenc Gyurcsany – he added.

When asked by journalists how he would comment that Lőrinc Mészáros was able to increase his fortune by HUF 185 billion during the crisis, Viktor Orbán replied that if someone had a lot of money, they had to follow two rules, which the government expects: they must be adhered to, and all taxes must be paid. .

More revenue, more taxes, a better budget

Stressed, adding, the same position as With the enrichment of his family Also with regard to b.

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Some details of the refund announced by Orbán . have already been revealed


If both parents work, they can recover up to 1.6 million forints. All this before the elections.