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Epic Games has offered hundreds of recruited testers full-time jobs

Epic Games has delighted hundreds of testers with full-time jobs with a somewhat surprising decision.

Epic Games A almost It confirmed that it intends to hire full-time testers in the United States in the future and will provide additional bonuses to new employees. The news first appeared in an internal letter sent to the combined workers, which was also seen by Verge.

It came in the message They offer full-time jobs to these workers, who have a US title, and most of the shows will go into effect on April 4. However, it was asserted that the offer was not automated and was not for everyone, as it was concluded after long deliberation that it was a good idea for some employees to remain the same.

most of the staff, Who have epic now Offered a full-time job, will work in a QA testing area, and shared by Elka Looks, an Epic spokesperson, all employees who receive the offer will benefit from the US Benefits Program and will be officially hired directly by Epic Games.

And this move from Epic is very important, as it is known that there is a lot of tension between the major game development studios, and it is also a big step in terms of improving working conditions and appreciation of their testers and workers. other areas.

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