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Epic Games is building its platform out of a billion

The developer will create a unified virtual space that will connect players in a new way.

The latest developments about the House of Epic Games in recent months have been read through conversations against Apple, and tangible results have been achieved, but in the long run, this battle is clearly not the focus. They are now speeding up their in-house program with serious investments to create their own virtual world.

At the moment we don’t know exactly what the name Metaverse means, but we’ve already seen short announcements and speculations about this over the past year. The developer these days it betrayalThe new capital was raised, adding a total of $ 1 billion to the portfolio, including through contributions from names such as Sony Group. In addition to the Japanese giant, mutual funds, pension funds, and other companies are also seeing imagination in the long-term project, raising the company’s estimated value to $ 28.7 billion, which also indicates that it is a serious player.

As for Metaverse’s goals for its future launch, it has been said before that we need to envision a new virtual space that will connect players on a permanent basis, providing a truly new experience for users. It will be a highlight of the community experience that will be available to all major games, and complement existing options, be it Fortnite, Rocket League, or even Fall Guys. The work of game developers and content creators will be easier with Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and Epic Games Store functionality, a combination of these, but the specific details will not be revealed until later, hopefully during the summer or fall.

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Last October, it was indicated in relation to Fortnite that within 12 months the nature of the development game will be in question (that is, it will offer a lot to the fans), and it is easy for the new platform to be introduced in the fall months.