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Epic Games made a Sony branding showcase for Exclusive Games!

Tim Sweeney His company offered quite a lot of money SonyTo her first party (internally) Play Station-Exclusive Computer (Within that Epic Games Store) Issuance.

In 2019 and 2020, Epic Games will have approx. It promised $ 1 billion (about $ 300 billion) upfront for developer games to appear on the Epic Games Store (for the first time), and Sweeney paid $ 115 million ($ 34.5 billion) for Borderlands 3 to Gearbox. And now we find out more about Epic Games vs. From Apple’s claim that Epic offered $ 200 million upfront to get 4-6 exclusive PlayStation visits from Sony to the Epic Games Store …

In this document MG + stands for Minimum Warranty, which means Epic guarantees Sony at least that amount. Only two games appeared exclusively on the Epic Game Store (EGS) released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (ReadySet Heroes, still intended for EGS only, Predator: Hunting Grounds, which also appeared on Steam one year later). For this reason, perhaps another agreement has been reached and the two addresses just mentioned could do the rest. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition received both EGS and Steam releases, and Days Gone took a similar approach. Because of this, we suspect the Epic Show would have applied to the bigger games (and Horizon Zero Dawn could be called that, for example). Whatever happens, Sony has invested in Epic Games multiple times …

Microsoft quickly rejected Epic’s request because Sweeney is being treated as a competitor due to EGS. The Reset Iran According to the document that appeared, he also met Phil Spencer and Gabe Newell (President of Xbox and Steam), as it was realized that Microsoft actually prefers to release its games on Steam. The Sweeneys didn’t even try Nintendo. We don’t even like it.

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So Epic Games took a more money-oriented approach to Sony, but if we still don’t see a lot of SIE titles exclusively on EGS today, then maybe there’s no serious deal. (Or, if that’s the case, we’re not seeing the effect yet.)

Source: PCGamer