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Eric Cantona, the revolutionary genius who replaced MU

At the time, things weren’t handled the way Eric Cantona did, but they still are. There have been regular misfortunes around the French striker, but not many people have had a similar aura over the course of football history. He just started to shine in England thirty years ago. part One.

“We just learned about it at the time – Tell Michel Platini The brilliant Scot ahead of him, who previously worked as a successful manager in Scotland but was on the verge of leading his current team to the Premier League title in England. The legend of the French national team and then its captain of the federation felt that he knew a man who could help him. – He’s a trouble guy, but he’s very talented. He would be perfect for the team.”

Graeme Souness This is not exactly how he saw it. Liverpool finished ninth on the table, and their successes faded. He beat Auxerre that night at Anfield in the UEFA Cup, but that didn’t make him any more lenient, he said no straight away.

“Look, you’re burning to reply. “I’m trying to get some people out the door, but they’re fighting back.” The last thing I need is a controversial figure.”

So Liverpool missed the opportunity to get Eric Cantona.

The first part of Eric Cantona’s legendary story can be read at, by clicking here!

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