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Erste Liga: Gyergyó HK wins again in the semi-finals

At the Hungarian International Hockey League (in the Erste League), in the fourth match of the quarter-finals of the qualifiers, Gheorgheni HK beat Brasov Wolves 2-1, thus winning the duel 4-0. SC Miercurea Ciuc beats the new MAC Bud 5-2 and takes a 3-1 lead in the fencing.

The semi-finals at Gheorgheni HK (Photo: Alexandra Sampetro / Brasov Wolves)

The host team in Brasov won the first third against Gyergyó HK in 1-0. In the second quarter, the away team drew one minute later, and after ten minutes it was already in the lead. There were no more hits in the match, Gheorgheni HK reached the semi-finals with a sweep. 1-2

Regular season winner SC Mercuria Seok is on the cusp of the semi-finals next 5-2 beat MAC Újbuda.

Quarterly, 4. Matches
Brasov Wolves (Romania) – Giergesje Hong Kong (Romania) 1-2 (1-2, 0-2, 0-0)
Brasov. led:
Your door, Big A: Little King, Stone
Shelf – Williams (1), MacDonald / Boriszenko, Csernyuk / Pepper, Raszulov / Gajdó T. – HUARD 1, Schaber, Zagidullin / Valchar (1), Gliga, Machala / KOVÁCS M., Molnár Zs. , Gajdó B. / R Vasily, A. Vasily, Buda. Fitness Trainer: Dave McQueen
children: RINNE-Haaranen, Kozma Zs. / SAARI (1), FEJES (1) / Imre, Ferenc-Csibi / Györfy, Sándor-Székely – B. ORBÁN 1, Császár (1), Bodó / Vincze P., Tranca, Sárpátki / Silló, Szabó K. (1 ), Szigeti / Benedek, Péter Zs., Vincze G. Fitness Trainer: Zoltan Szilassy
Gate shots: 38-20
Objective – Human Advantage: 3/1, Resp. 4/0
Duel result until either side’s fourth win: 4-0 in favor of HK in Gheorgheni
master balance sheet
Dave McQueen:
“I didn’t feel much better about not winning a match.” At the start of every match, we had the opportunity to score goals or even win. Unfortunately, it never worked. Hockey is a slap in the face: if you don’t hit it more than your opponent, you will be kicked out.
Zoltán Szilassy: – The total score of four zeros is an amazing performance, after all, we beat Brasov eight times out of the season. Now we’re partying a bit, and then we’ll see which team the sequel will face.

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MAC HKB ÚJBUDA – SC CSÍSZSZEREDA (Romania) 2-5 (0-1, 1-3, 1-1)
Spike hole 1023 view. led: Corbuli, Nemeth M, Vince T, Vinces D.
Mac: Bálizs – GARÁT, Pozsgai / Tóth Gergely, Macaulay / Dóczi, Csollák / Tóth P., dám – Schlekmann 2, Galoha, Dansereau (1) / Ritter, Molnár B., Djumic / Tóth R., Kreisz B. (1). / Pápa, Climate, Stevens. Fitness Trainer: Balázs Kangyal
section: Adorján A. – KUBÁT 2, Sallló A., Milam, O’Connor 1 / Gecse, Láday / Farkas T., Papp – SZKACSKOV 1 (1), Sofron (1), STACH (2) / Becze T., Lapenkov, Taratuhin/Péter B. (1), Részegh T. (1), Rokaly No. 1/ Casaneanu, Reisz, Rokaly N. Fitness Trainer: Russian Rico
Gate shots: 28-49
Objective – Human Advantage: 1/0, respectively. 3/0
Disciplinary penalties: Final exhibition (Dóczi, Láday)
Individual win vs. 4: 3-1 in favor of SC Mercuria Cheok
master balance sheet
Balázs Kangyal:
“We have tried to rely on our abilities and talents too much. A really successful team that achieves its success through humble work. In the last 10 minutes we have shown that you want to win, and if we play on the ice with the same mentality on Thursday, I will not be happy.
Rico Rossi:
– We were able to raise our level in our game, but the opponent also played more aggressively. I saw the same scenario as in the previous matches: a balanced match and a tight pause until one of the teams collapsed. Fortunately, the MAC broke sooner than we did.