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It was all about spreadsheets and math here.

Who would have thought that one day the legendary spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel, will officially advance to esports, and this is not really a joke, since the first large-scale World Cup has already been held. Eight Flame players, dubbed the first Microsoft Excel World Championships, took part in this competition, where the participants had to create the best possible financial model in order to win. Here is the domain:

  • Andrew Ngai (UK)
  • Michel German (Canada)
  • Stephanie Anerose (USA)
  • Jason Webber (South Africa)
  • Gabriela Strog (Poland)
  • Anup Arghawal (India)
  • John Lim (Australia)
  • Siang Tan (Malaysia)

The Microsoft Excel esports competition took place online anyway, and if that wasn’t shocking enough, it might also be worth noting that two broadcasters reported the events, in the person of Adam Callins and Daniel Stein Verhurst. Each player was given a case study in which they had to model revenue based on manufacturing costs using Microsoft Excel. This included sales, shipping, manufacturing, and labor. The cup did not last long, after 40 minutes the winner was already in, having finished off the fastest by Michel Jarman. It is no longer an easy task for attendees, because there are countless ways to create a spreadsheet based on combinations of different calculation commands. Users need to think hard to find the shortest and most efficient way to get the job done in office software. In other words, using Microsoft Excel requires a fairly deep knowledge of mathematics and quick thinking.

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Many may ask themselves, how did the idea of ​​the Microsoft Excel Esports Cup come about?

Basically, many people argue about whether esports is a sport, so even if some people compare their knowledge in a spreadsheet program. It should be borne in mind that, by a number of definitions, any activity can be considered a sport if the conditions for competitiveness are met. Well, for the Microsoft Excel World Esports Championship, this was achieved, in which the competitors had to come up with a complete financial plan in the shortest possible time, so that they could compare their knowledge.

And another interesting question might be, could Microsoft Excel’s first esports competition launch a whole new genre based on productivity? Even in the end, it turns out that Word or Powerpoint will have a cup in the future.

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