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At the moment, of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but some potential names have already emerged from the hat.

Look at ESPORTGUR now!

Program Recommendation

Program Recommendation

Like I said before You can see it with us tooIn the future, EA Sports plans to rebrand FIFA, which has been popular for decades, as part of the rebranding. It’s possible that all of this really only involves a name change and any licenses or game items will remain, but unfortunately we can’t even be sure of that.

Since the news arrived, of course, the FIFA community has speculated a lot about what the new name might look like next year. For now, however, we still think guesswork is superfluous, and it’s more interesting to see what EA Sports has come up with, the name they’ve officially tried to defend.

As you can see in the photo, on October 1, a business card was officially introduced in the UK. The name will simply be “EA SPORTS FC”. Hopefully, all this does not want to name the game, but the company will need this branding for another reason, as FIFA will call EA SPORTS FC to exhaust the concept of “cringe”.

By the way, EA has already defended a name. Last November, the name “FURY SOCCER” was invented, which again would be interesting, but perhaps to a more usable degree than EA Sports FC.

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