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The Rockstar Launcher hasn’t been available since Thursday night, and the issue hasn’t been fixed since.

Not so smooth Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition appearance. The game will be available to anyone starting at 4 PM Hungarian time on November 11, but shortly after, at 8:30 PM, Rockstar Games reported on its social network that The operator and online services will be closed due to maintenance.

Since then, however, there has been no further announcement that the issue has been resolved: at 10:55 am on Friday morning, the development team asked fans for more patience and understanding until the issues were resolved. However, they have not shared any estimate of when the online services will be available again.

a Rockstar Games Status The side can really see that Rockstar Launcher It is not currently working in any wayAnd Including login, store, cloud and download existing games. And GTA Online and Red Dead Online work the same on all platforms – except for PC.

Online game and application parts were not available for more than half a day

In parallel with From the Rockstar Store The developers have removed the PC version of The Definitive EditionThe game is temporarily unavailable for purchase on this platform. It’s still available for consoles (PS, Xbox, and Switch), but for now, PCs will have to wait a bit — most likely as the player improves, the trilogy will make its way back to the store.

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At 13:00 on Friday, the problem was still there, so if the launcher becomes available again, we will update our article.

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