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Rumors from 4Chan have it that Bend Studio, creator of Days Gone, is working on Men in Black. Although we know 4Chan is not a very reliable source, you can always hope for it, right? The source didn’t tell me where he got the information from, he just told me that the game would be open to the world. We also shared that we have different backgrounds and abilities to cut him off from the role of an alien hunting agent.

For example, if you were a police officer before the MIB, you would be more insistent, you could even turn my head. And when our agent rises to a higher level, he gets a new rank. But we can be underestimated if we abuse our power, for example, by neutralizing civilians for no reason. This is because a blinking nerve flagellum can only be used if someone witnesses the removal of the foreign body. For example, we are using upgradable weapons in front of civilians, including the Noisy Cricket, which is available to start with. However, there will be non-playable characters that we can add to the MIB.

The story will take place in the 1950s, with a focus on kidnappings by aliens, even if the rumors are true. We can expect a major shift as well as the day and night cycles. At night, aliens are more active, but not all extraterrestrial enemies are.

Everything is beautiful and good, but I have to repeat that this rumor is far from the truth. One of the most dangerous things to refute is that Bend Studio is currently working on a whole new IP address, based on a completely new concept. However, Men in Black is not new, since the comic, from which both the animated series and the films were made, was published in 1990. Of course, it is not impossible for Bend to work on multiple games simultaneously.

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