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With the help of the new chapter, Fortnite has taken the lead once again.

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League of Legends – Top Spankal Feed

a It is an electronic game In the past he was still the clear winner in the Battle of the Royals. Every major player in streaming has tried their hand in the world of Fortnite and almost everyone has turned to Fortnite when it comes to Battle Royale. But in 2021, two other games excelled in this category. Warzone and Apex Legends It also seemed like a clear winner, but as it turns out, they could easily live side by side and rotate often, really in terms of viewership and player base. But at the end of the year, it turned out that 2021 was not much different from previous years, with Fortnite again being first in terms of the number of hours watched, followed by Warzone and then Apex Legends:

then 1 billion Twitch users watched Fortnite for hours, while Warzone ‘only’ watched 850 millionand Apex Legends collected 700 million. For the whole picture, Fortnite was the fourth, Warzone 7, and Apex 9. All this means is that both Fortnite and Warzone are down by 1 compared to 2020, while Apex is up 4 places.

So it seems clear that the three Battle Royale games will live side by side in ease and harmony, and if a new chapter or new season arrives somewhere, it could become a clear winner for a few weeks. We’re curious to see if anyone can introduce anything new in this category, or whether this trio will dominate the world of BRs in the coming years.

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