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While the update fixes a number of bugs and issues, it has fundamentally changed the game in one or two ways.

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Available February 15th The Cyberpunk 2077 movie Next-generation consoles releases, and on the same day, CD Project RED shared a 1.5 game update, which brought a number of bug fixes and issues, as well as several changes to improve the gaming experience. Update Size – Approx. 50 GB – He also indicated that this was intended to be a big, serious update by the developers, and the gaming community welcomed the arrival of the patch.

Although the update stated that the chick system had changed as well, adding new abilities and removing one or two existing ones, they were less detailed. The same is true for many geeks and hobbyists whose developers wanted to balance out the gameplay. These changes were compiled by a YouTuber, adding that they affected V Company the most, but the stats and equipment of our opponents remained unchanged.

But what are these changes?

  • V gets a lower percentage of base bases after perks and attribute points.
  • There is less chance of serious damage in any case.
  • Clothing mods increase your stats to a lesser extent.
  • You can use 9 clothing modes instead of 20.
  • Modification of clothing may only be used on certain items of clothing (such as hats, coats, and pants).
  • Clothing alterations must be equal to or less than the rarity of the garment.
  • The damage to many legendary weapons has been reduced.
  • Attribute requirements for some legendary weapons have been changed.
  • “Dodge” stats have been replaced by damage reduction stats for Armor and Cybergun.
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These were also shown in a YouTube video, shown below:

Before update 1.5, there were opinions that the game would become very simple after a while, even at the highest level of difficulty, when a character could be built with which to defeat any opponent easily. This update, in turn, made the player more vulnerable, who will have to rethink his decisions in most situations.

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