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How many hours have you spent at Lost Ark so far?

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While there are more and more people drowning in endless farming and pay-for-profit systems, Lost Ark still wins. Twitchen was the most popular video game in Februaryalso predated LoL and GTA V. But in the meantime, he’s already won over streamers like Shroud, who hated it so much when the game came out, but now he spends all his free time on the Lost Ark servers.

And developers are focusing more and more on upcoming updates. Yesterday, for example, the quickly canceled 3-month roadmap, the game’s quarterly content plan, looked like a leak. However, netizens won’t forget, here’s a leaked and quickly deleted draft of the contents of the Lost Ark:

  • A new story built around Kadan, the first ranger assassin
  • 2 new character classes (April – Terminator, May – Arcana)
  • First PvP season (may start in March)
  • New Abyss Raid (March)
  • New Continent (in April)
  • 4 new normal/hard raid
  • New Single Player Dungeon

We don’t know yet when to expect the official announcement, as it’s a secret if the developers might make changes to the leaked plan.

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