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Strictly speaking, they have shared a “candid” post on Twitter, which in turn hints at what we can expect in the near future.

It will be 6 years since the popular survival game Hello Games was released. No Man’s Sky, which had a problematic start, the game has undergone so many updates and expansions since 2016 that few people remember this period. However, even after all this time, creator Sean Murray will not allow him to develop new content, he said this in February of this year, so that the game can face a bright future.

So much so that on April 11, they shared a very short post on Twitter. There is nothing in the entry other than One emoji depicting a pirate flag. Taking it out of context, it might mean anything, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to announce it Featured content from the pirate world may be launched in the near future.

There are still pirates in No Man’s Sky, in the form of different spaceships that also plunder the space. These ships are usually controlled by the game itself, but of course we can join them. As more pirated-themed content arrives, this part of the game may become more elaborate, such as when interacting with pirates. However, it is not inconceivable that the add-on is slightly geared towards PvP.

Whatever the future, we don’t know for sure yet, so there’s nothing left but patience until another announcement unveils the developer’s current plans.

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