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Just Die and Paradigm will already be available for free on the platform from April 28 to May 5.

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Season 12 Game of the Day 1 – Troll Soccer Visprem Esport Futsal

On the Epic Games Store, they’ve been paying close attention in the past few months about smuggling two titles into their weekly free games bundle. Currently, fans of the horror and co-op genre are doing well, like Amnesia, which also fits into Operation Inferno: Rebirth and the entertaining Riverbond can be downloaded for free until April 28.

By the way, the platform has already announced what to expect next week, and this time they will try to wrap unsuspecting players around their fingers with two matches. The first piece in the package is already Just Die, released in 2021 by the makers of Goat Simulator, where we can live in a big city, hiding in the skin of old people sacked from a beloved home. With the PC Guru Video Quiz, you can find out what to expect during your surreal adventures.

Another Epic show isn’t quite as ordinary, in which a mutant model protagonist haunts his past in the form of genetically engineered sloth candy. According to the story, we walk in a post-apocalyptic land and the title character finds more in the music what its creators have taken away, but fate intervenes and it turns out that saving the world depends only on him. Along the way, Paradigm encounters a wealth of strange creatures, from a psychopathic superhero to a knight working as a pug secretary who leads a cult of a witch metal. (Yes, I read it well, I didn’t write anything – editor).

The two surreal games will be available for free between April 28 and May 5 Epic Games Store. Don’t miss them!

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