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Top players from three other county seats could prove it this week. The best can be prepared in Kaposvár, Szekszárd and Pécs.

Last week, three great qualifiers took place at Hungary’s first national game fair (OGEX 2022), which will bring games to all provincial seats in Hungary. In the first round, the best of Gyr, Zalajerzig and Szumbathely can compete against each other, so we already have three finalists for the finals to be held in Budapest at the beginning of April.

However, the best FIFA in the country will be able to prove it on other stations, because the best news for them is that each seat in the province has its own qualification, so that everyone can choose their own region in which they want to compete.

This weekend, three county seats will be offered again, so on February 26, anyone from Somogy, Tolna and Baranya counties can apply for free at the following links:

Sunday 26 February

Kaposvar: I’m a name

szxzard: I’m a name

Pecs: I’m a name

The FIFA 22 Qualifiers will take place on the PS4 platform and the parties will have to play every match outside of the Finals. The finals will be held as part of the trade show, which will start within a week and will cover 19 seats in the province. The dates are as follows:

Cities, locations and games

At the stations of the National Gaming Expo – the country’s provincial seats – you can play and learn about esports and support the FIFA22 series of competitions in the times ahead.

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OGEX 2022 E-sport OPEN – FIFA22

National Esports event competitions with competitors playing from home, broadcast from a central studio, and broadcasts as part of the stage show for fans and spectators on the spot.

At the closing event in Budapest, invitational competitions will be held live, with live coverage and the presence of an on-site player and audience.

Distribution of cash prizes:

  • 20 Qualifiers: HUF 100,000 / qualifier
  • Gross wage: 2.7 million HUF
  • Grand Final: 700,000 Swiss francs (1st place: 350,000 Swiss francs, 2nd place: 200,000 Swiss francs, 3rd place: 100,000 Swiss francs and fourth place: 50,000 Swiss francs)

Enter, play and be the hero of your county, so that you can enter the history of esports in Hungary forever!

The event is free, subject to registration (preliminary and on-site).

For more information, see You can find it on the OGEX 2022 website, click the link!

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