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Instead of Batman and Superman, this time even Spider-Man and Captain America can fall for each other, and we might love that, too.


The Hungarian National Esports League Legends League

The Hungarian National Esports League Legends League

NetherRealm Studio, who also falls for Mortal Kombat, has been ranked among the best virtual wrestling game developers for quite some time, and not only has they steered the deadly fight in the right direction, but the DC universe fighters have been harassed many times, in the claim and fun format. According to the current position, based on the streak style, Injustice 3 will be their next creation, but for a while nothing has been known about it, plus a new rumor has emerged that they are dealing with Marvel fighting game.

According to industry presenter Daniel Richman (and as reported by Stealth Optional), NetherRealm Studios is currently working on a Marvel wrestling title for Next Generation consoles. Although few details have been revealed, news of game development is already underway.

Interestingly, even though Marvel has conquered the big screen, superhero games far and recently have been mysterious. Suffice it to think about what happened to Marvel’s Avengers, while the Batman Arkham series as well as Marvel’s Spider-man are great creations. Fans have not only gained their admiration but financial success as well, but in reality, there are many examples of failures as well.

It wouldn’t be the first idea to come up with under the roof, as the Marvel vs Capcom series had previously gathered a larger fan base around it, but the third installment nearly spoiled his successes until then. After proving in an episode of Injustice image that DC characters can be grouped together in a way that makes them amazingly enjoyable, it’s no idea they’re trying to do the same with the Marvel universe.

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Of course, any such leaks should be handled with caution until confirmed by Marvel or NetherRealm, though it doesn’t hurt to know that the studio’s creative director, Ed Boon, had previously informed his followers that there was a great desire to make a Marvel movie to play.

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