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The long-awaited look has been added.

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K&H League Esports Cup

Semi-finals – University of Széchenyi vs. University of Technology and Economics in Budapest

It’s been a secret for weeks Season Finale EventAccess exciting skins before the event. Lately, it’s all been about closing and the new Crew PackBin Ho Strike Leader Mika Which will definitely play a big role over the weekend.

Today I finally entered the Item Shop A Mecha Strike Defense and the Mecha Strike Navigatorwho have many different shapes in addition to emoteot Built-in emoticon also brought.

Packages are perfectly fair – 1400 V-Bucks – Available for purchase. These looks will definitely enhance the atmosphere of the event for their owners, just like Strike Leader Mikathe rest Mica Skin may also play a role in what happens in some way.

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