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Nilah arrives soon on live servers to fight evil.

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Chef’s Kitchen: World of Tanks

After update 12.13, Nella, the hero 161, arrives in the League of Legends world. For a long time mystery surrounded the character, only conjecture leaked. All we’ve known about him for a long time is that it’s going to be a happy, colorful fight with water-based abilities meant for the underworld.

However, we also got a preview of the champion last week, and now Riot has pulled the veil on his abilities as well.

Negative – endless joy

Nellah amplifies the healing and shielding abilities of nearby allies. Allies who treat his nieces or protect them with a shield will also receive a bonus or shield. And if an ally heals himself or grants him a shield near his nickname, his attainment will also receive a healing or shield bonus.

If Nilah kills a hostile agent, she and her closest ally will gain the usual amount of experience combined, plus half of the experience lost due to engagement.

Q – shapeless blade

Active: His blade hits a line and hits all enemies. Hitting the enemy for a while increases Nelah’s attack distance and attack speed, and strengthens his base’s attacks, causing them to scatter in a funnel and inflict additional damage.

Passive: Neelah’s basic attacks and abilities against heroes ignore some enemy armor and deal some damage to his players. This effect is proportional to the critical hit chance and turns unused healing into a shield.

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W- Jubilee Veil

Nilah is shrouded in a veil and is granted additional movement speeds for a brief period as well as reducing magical damage and avoiding any incoming base attacks.

If Nella calls an allied heroine, she will also hide her in a veil, but she will be protected for a shorter time.

E – fan stream

Ability E allows Nilah to fly through a unit covering a specified distance at a time. He wounds all enemies he passes through. It can store up to two charges at a time.

By casting a Q under the Slipstream, Nilah also invokes a spell that deals damage after a short delay and provides the shapeless amplified base attack effect.

p – deification

Nilah summons a vortex and strikes the area around her with a whip, then with a final blow she pulls the enemy toward the center of the vortex.

Apotheosis heals his niece in proportion to some of the damage done, turning unused healing into armor. This effect Expands with chance of critical injuryClose allies will receive it.

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