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The creation of BlueTwelve Studio called Stray will come first to consoles and then to PC.

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Sony kept it for a few weeks playing condition An event, during which a large number of new games were revealed or information was shared. One of the most exciting pieces of the collection is the stray cat toy, i.e. stray Kan, which not only received a new trailer, but also got the release date PlayStation 5 And the Playstation 4 keyboard. Favorites in the article below!

Although the game will only be available on Sony’s own platform for now, it will arrive later for PC Also, where steam to hand in. Players are following the project with great interest, and nothing proves that more than the fact that Stray has taken command of the wishlist in the zombie apocalypse. from the day before. This may also be due to the fact that the recent work has recently been embroiled in a small scandal after it was revealed that some developers They work on it on a voluntary basiswithout paying.

Across: steam

Stray works with a special concept, where you have to control a cute furry squirrel who has lost his family and has to fight his way through In a cyberpunk style cityTo return home to loved ones. Of course, the environment, including robots, Android and other strange creatures, will try to prevent this, but there is also help His name is B12 In person a drone. Overall, we can’t wait for the release, as the game promises to be a special experience and we can only hope that it will be made available on Steam as soon as possible after the console’s launch. Judging by the previews, would you like Stray anyway?

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