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Rushing doesn’t hurt, as none of the actions last forever.


ESL Pro League Season 13 vs Astralis

The weekly free Epic Games store Games that we may be accustomed to, as well as that we already know What we’ll get next week. But nowadays we find a lot of free games almost every weekend, and now it’s no different either.

Both GOG and Indiegala thought they would be participating in a match every weekend. On the previous podium, Tonight We Riot. A very comfortable and fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of old slot machines. In this beautiful pixel art style shooting game, we have to instigate a revolt against the ugly, bad and oppressive evils before fighting together on the tracks.

The adventures of Super Panda also evoke antiquity. In this awesome 2D action game full of RPG elements, you get to control a samurai panda sword … Where do you need more?

Unfortunately, neither part of the Titanfall games was a huge success, although both achieved the standard we’d expect from a game of this caliber. Additionally, the second part fixed a lot of bugs in its predecessor and brought lots of new features to the servers. Unlike Super Panda Adventures and Tonight We Riot, we can’t drag this into our library forever, but on Steam we can try it out for free this weekend. The show runs until 7 PM on Monday next week.

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