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In 2021, Arcane will appear on Netflix.


The Hungarian National Esports League Legends League

The Hungarian National Esports League Legends League

This fall, Netflix will release the first animated series from developer League of Legendset Riot Games. mysterious. The series, which showcases the surrounding world of the world’s most popular esports game, introduces the origins of the game’s two famous heroes.

Riot Games actually started in 2019, on the company’s 10th anniversary UsheredHe also wants to present his world of more than 150 fan characters in the form of an animated series. The result is Arcane, which tells the tale of two cities in the LoL universe, the utopias Piltover and the Underground Persecuted Zaun.

Dominic Bazai, Director of Animation at Netflix, said: “League of Legends is surrounded by passion and passion all over the world, so we are excited to be the home of the world’s first TV series, Arcane. The series is going to be amazingly amazing, and the viewers will definitely be sitting on the needles.”

The number of publisher fans is growing globally both in and out of the game. With their videos, they garnered a total of 14 billion views worldwide, and League of Legends 2020 had a record number of viewers on many metrics. The largest number of concurrent viewers reached 45 million viewers.

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