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You can download a four-episode adventure game for free next week from the Epic Games store.

This open-world adventure and action game will follow a sharp transformation on the Epic Games Store, with games coming next week You don’t have to pay a single Ft for The Lion’s Song. Thanks to its stunning setting, the award-winning Austrian work is capable of sucking in any video player that accepts this genre. soon Free game Currently it costs around 3000 HUF on Steam, you can save a lot with just a few clicks.

In 2016, Austrian Mipumi Games development team launched the first episode of The Lion’s Song, which won immediate admiration from critics. In each episode of the story set in 20th-century Austria, a different character is given the main role. Through the adventures of heroes, you can learn about the lives of artists and scientists of this era whose decisions seriously affect the gameplay. Bringing through impressive stories and graphics, The Lion’s Song has managed to take off in the indie arena, with players and experts alike acknowledging the development team’s work with positive feedback.

You can add the free video game The Lion’s Song to the Epic Games Store libraries for free on May 13 at 5 PM.

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