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One of Fortnite’s most notorious villains has now revealed how much he earned from the game.

Although Fortnite is far from the popularity it was a few years ago, it is still one of the most watched games on Twitch and YouTube. Recently, news has come out that Ninja will be back to the start and start streaming this again.

And it really happened and recently we saw again how one of the most famous faces in the game is back. The broadcast jumped, of course, immediately and there were a lot of spectators when the Battle Bus started again. And if that wasn’t enough, their material has been published and Ninja honestly talks about the amounts he was still earning, often through Creator Code. Even RG Ronaldo, who was with him in the duo, was shocked at the amount.

“I think most of what I earned through tokens in a month was about 5 million.”

We know Epic paid roughly 5% per purchase through the container manufacturer’s code. And that means Tyler Blevins brought 100 million into the company when the game went into millions every day. And this is just a fraction of the money that reaches a man’s bank account every month. That’s what subcontractors, donations, sponsorship agreements and of course, promotional revenue generate. Based on a fairly standardized estimate Ninja in 2018 is $ 25 million Take it home. Of course, this should have decreased significantly since then, but there’s no reason to complain just yet.

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