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Play at Home has taken it to the next level, with free Horizon Zero Dawn access.

It was announced a few weeks ago before Playstation and SonyThey want to help players in situations caused by the Coronavirus. It was launched on the way to Play at home PlayStation 4 owners can download a number of great video games to their consoles. The cherry has reached the top of the mouth-watering ice cream cup, where you no longer have to wait One of the best video games on PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.

In May 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was released as a PS4 exclusive title. You can experience Aloy’s adventures in a machine-controlled world where the enemy can hit you from every bush. Fighting mechs is amazing, exciting, and rarely boring, so the gameplay should be without complaints. The story is exciting and twisted enough to hook you up, which is another plus point besides the game. The graphics are great, the sound is at the same time, and there are plenty of things to discover hidden in hidden corners. Full of content, HZD is simply a must-have for any PS4 owner. It is no coincidence that he won a bunch of awards at the biggest Guerilla game creation party.

The You can download the free edition of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition from the PlayStation Store from April 20 to May 14. The keys never run out, so you don’t have to throw everything away right away and visit the virtual store.

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