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Eszenyi case investigation materials have been made public, but many parts have been made public

tamas lingel He posted several pages of documents on his Facebook page, which he asked about the Metropolitan Municipality. These are the study documents, which in principle Enikő Eszenyi He meant to clarify the allegations against him: that is, whether the former director of the Comedy Theater actually abused his power at the expense of the actors.

Polish anyway mate garay, he also wrote his post inspired by his question in social media (Are you allowed to like Enikő Eszenyi?).

In general, the Polish wrote about the study:

So far, the complainants have not been able to find out the position of the commission. The capital refuses to disclose what it found in the case, and from the report I sent the substantive parts on the basis of personal rights, so it is also personal data if I want to know the opinion of the commission on what happened to me.

And Mate Garay sent a message to Tamás Lengyel: “I’m glad you and the other company members didn’t have to go through everything we’ve had. I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone again from what happened in the comedy theater. It’s good that you were able to pay attention to each other after all that It was read and heard with mutual trust, openness and love.” But, he adds, “until the case is closed, and until the 71 plaintiffs receive an answer as to what happened, I think you also need to consider the secondary meaning and impact of such a question.”

Among the main findings of the report published on Tamás Lengyel’s Facebook page, the majority of the sentence is already missing from the majority. Here is an example:

Their dissatisfaction was regularly expressed (…) but also. (sic!)

However, there are also interpretable sentences in the material, such as:

  • A very bad, especially depressing atmosphere prevailed in the theater, and it got worse in recent years.
  • The process of training for productions led by the executives was particularly arduous.
  • (…) The fluctuation was great. This was especially amazing and untraceable for the position of Executive Secretary and Assistant Director.
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Items ordered by Tamás Lengyel here can be read.


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