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European leaders called for vaccination

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic has been at the heart of European leaders’ New Year’s speeches. They all emphasized the importance of vaccination.

The German chancellor plans to deliver 30 million vaccines by the end of January.

“We know that those who have not yet been vaccinated are at particular risk of getting sick and suffering from a prolonged and serious illness. That is why I am asking you to vaccinate again. I know some suspect they are afraid that vaccinations will have negative consequences, but,” Olaf Schulz said. Today, nearly 4 billion people in the world have been vaccinated against Covid without major side effects.

Likewise, the French head of state encouraged his countrymen.

“Vaccination is our safest trump card. It significantly reduces the spread of infection. It reduces the number of dangerous forms of the disease by a tenth. That is why I am appealing once again to the 5 million people who have not yet been vaccinated, make this simple gesture to themselves,” said President Emmanuel Macron. For their countrymen and our country. All of France is counting on you.”

The British Prime Minister said the situation in the UK is much better than it was a year ago, but the vaccination program needs to continue.

Boris Johnson warned: “I want to speak to those who are not yet fully vaccinated. To those who think they cannot be affected by the disease. Look at those who are now in hospital, they could be.”

The Chinese president has promised to host a major Olympics in Beijing in February. Hsi Qin-ping also spoke about fighting Covid.

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“So far, China has provided 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine to more than 120 countries and international organizations,” Shixing said.

In his New Year’s address, the Russian President stressed that his country performed well in 2021, despite the outbreak of the epidemic.

“We firmly and resolutely defended our national interests, the security of the homeland and citizens. We quickly restored the economy and are closer to achieving our strategic goals. Of course, there are still many outstanding issues, but we closed this year with dignity, ”explained Vladimir Putin.