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Eva Baku also appeared during Andi Tóth’s heartwarming post, and wrote this

Not everyone liked the emphatic announcement that Andi Tóth meant to greet the new year, it is clear that he meant those who did not like him at all and attacked him in the meantime.

We thought 2021 for Andi Tóth was almost perfect because of his new album, his many concerts, and Dancing with the Stars, in which he finally won the second season. This was not quite the case, He struggled with the elements, which he talked about in part in his last post.

Andy waited a little for the followers with his New Year’s greetings, but it is important to stress that harsh words were and continue to be uttered by those who do not like him at all and criticize him every minute of him.

The young singer was famous for not keeping her opinion and insults are not far from her. We’ve seen videos of this before and will probably watch because it’s so focused.

yIn advance, you are in a wonderful place in the Caribbean, where It’s tanned probably never before. Messages literally flow into your posts, lots of comments fall under your posts, and very slowly you are breaking individual records with that.

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