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Even before the first working day, a US company sends all new employees on two weeks of paid leave

Time is one of the most valuable things to all of us, says the president of a company that sends new employees on two weeks of paid leave before they start working for the company.

As employers face increasing challenges in hiring and retaining, they also have to contend with one of the biggest benefits potential employees crave: time, and more specifically time away from work.

It is no coincidence that more and more places are experimenting with, for example, offering a four-day work week or taking a company-wide vacation in the name of mental health.

American SevenRooms The so-called hospitality tech company added a new type of bonus to its fringe benefits package starting January 1st: Every new employee gets two weeks of paid vacation (and health insurance coverage) before they start their first day at the company.

Paul McCarthy, director of human resources for SevenRooms at CNBC a question He said the idea came this past summer as employers became increasingly desperate to catch job seekers due to a labor shortage, many of whom, after the past two years, are suffering from burnout.

The pandemic has wiped out almost everyone without exception. No one needs to explain the unexpected challenges they faced as a result of change, working at home, and uncertainty. “No one can take unpaid leave between career changes and facing renewed activity,” Paul McCarthy explains.

The core of the SevenRooms program called “Fresh Start” is to give new employees two weeks of paid leave before the first day of work, which, in addition to showing people that they are committed to choice, also helps to really keep employees up and running.

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SevenRooms also offers unlimited paid time off for employees. Under the company’s policy on furlough, which will be renewed in 2022, SevenRooms will actually set a minimum number of days employees must take each year and encourage people to take longer breaks to fully recharge.

Employees who have worked with the company for five years must take five consecutive days twice a year, once between January and June and between July and December. Employees who have worked for five years or more are required to take 10 days off in the first half of the year and an additional 10 days off in the second.

SevenRooms currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide and plans to increase its staff to 300 by the middle of the year. Since the introduction of the new procedure, 16 new people have been recruited and all have participated in the New Beginning programme, with feedback from both sides so far.