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Even NPCs and Animals are leaving Red Dead Online

  • Weird error has been found
  • Which causes everyone to disappear from the game except for the player
  • Characters and animals too

Last month we learned that Red Dead Online It closes forever. It’s not officially dead, but it won’t get any “major thematic content updates”. This news seems to have reached the in-game citizens as well, as a new bug has left the Wild West truly desolate on PC. This bug turns servers into ghost towns, which is sadly parallel to the current state of the game. PCGamesN reports that the new bug removes all NPCs and even animals from Red Dead Online from his world So far, it has only been detected on PC and it is not known why. According to a commenter on the game’s subreddit, the issues have been going on for days.

One player suggested moving to another server and wrote that he saw a lot of animals and NPCs the other day, but the game was unplayable two days ago. Another commented, “Even the NPCs are sick of Rockstar’s bullshit.” The Red Dead Online Mourning the one-year anniversary of the latest major content update, players held funerals in the game world on July 13, and even Roger Clarke, who plays Arthur Morgan himself, Tweeted Also about the state of the game.

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