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Every second PlayStation player will subscribe to a Game Pass if Activision games are included

An eloquent survey reveals the appeal of Call of Duty et al.

In January, an announcement broke out that Microsoft would acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, which could bring series like Call of Duty, WarCraft, Diablo or Crash Bandicoot to its Passport subscription offerings.

Although even the most interested politicians and competition authorities are expected to be interested in the acquisition, which is due to expire on June 30, 2023, Sony did not wait for the competition to close the deal, launched acquisitions and announced its own subscription service, Tuned. Playstation Blast. This made the rivalry between the two systems particularly exciting, because according to a survey, the PS camp would not be indifferent at all to a Game Pass filled with Activision titles.

The The search was conducted by YouGov Back in January, long before the PlayStation Plus wrinkle was announced, 46% of US PS owners would consider a Game Pass subscription if Call of Duty, WarCraft, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and other Activision titles were included in the reference. Interestingly, the enthusiasm of the blue camp has squandered the Xbox camp, with only 43% of those surveyed expressing interest in the opportunity.

Among Nintendo players, this was 46% and on PC 32%, while only 27% of smartphone gamers in the US are considering a Game Pass subscription, which is no wonder, because out of the cloud, mouse cinema is still the go-to. Call of Duty isn’t such a huge experience either. The search also covered the United Kingdom, but only 29% of the PS camp there would sign up for the extended Game Pass, and excluding xboxers (48%), others stayed wanting less than 30%.

The chart below shows how attractive each ActiBlizz franchise is to potential subscribers. Unsurprisingly, the CoD series tops the list in both the UK and the US, but it is interesting that the British have pushed the US-based Diablo II to last place. What can a demonic ‘n’ hack against the Queen’s personnel?

It is important to note, however, that the research was conducted by interviewing only 1,200 adults in both countries, moreover, the day after the announcement of the acquisition of Activision, when the impact of the sensational news was fresh. With a little more immersion or a shake of PlayStation Plus in your clothes, you can easily get a completely different result.

Recently, based on the latest developments, it is possible that the games of the Call of Duty and Diablo series will be included in the Game Pass offering in the near future, even before the acquisition of Activision. And whether Microsoft’s or an upgraded PS Plus offering is the better deal, we’ve also looked at the written analysis and videos.

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