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Everyone confuses this guy with Brad Pitt: his counterpart is regularly stopped on the street – Worldstar

According to one theory, each person has about seven peers in this world, and world stars are no exception. In the last years Nathan Meads His name may have run into the man several times in the press, as the British man spat out Brad Pitt.

Replica of Brad Pitt, Nathan Meads

Nathan, 35, lives in Oxford, England, although he is single, but has daughters. He’s officially making his living as a land worker, but for the past three years he’s found himself an extension, the official counterpart to Brad Pitt.

“I was first told at the age of 20 that I looked like Brad Pitt, I’ve had it for about ten years, but at first I laughed about everything. Some said I was close, but I also heard a theory that my mother might have been having an affair with him, as Quoted New York Post.

Often confused with the Oscar-winning actor, there is almost no day when he does not stop on the street, he was sometimes asked for an autograph or a joint photo, but there was also a situation where they began to take pictures automatically without his photo. permission. He has worked with four different peer agencies so far. It can be called anywhere and its cost ranges between 250 and 500 pounds, i.e. it can be rented between 105 and 210 thousand forints.

He reminds everyone of one of the most charming actors in the world, so he’s obviously also popular with women, but the irony makes it hard for her to date.

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“Some don’t believe how much I like him and think I’m just cheating on them, they always try to make a video call on Instagram because they suspect I’m a real person.

He tried dating requests for a while, but many accused him of falsifying his profile, but there were those who started harassing him. Thought it was best to get rid of these apps, he has no plans at the moment to find a match for his life, and instead focus on educating his young girls.

In our collection you can see photos of Brad Pitt’s counterpart.