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Evolution and signs of the zodiac –


Virgo is very demanding about hygiene, almost afraid of dirt. He madly cleans and disinfects everything so that not a single nurse remains in the apartment. Wash your hands very well several times a day, and do not start cleaning without rubber gloves. You can eat from the ground, it is very clean. As is permissive and vulgar Aquarius or Libra, Virgo is obsessed with order and cleanliness. However, if he manages to find a compromise, relax and rest a little, he will be much happier and more satisfied with his life.

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Aries literally get headaches when they see the chaos and turmoil around them. He is very demanding, superficiality and indulgence, according to him, a kind of mental illness. A huge garbage collector floats before his eyes, where all the waste of the world can be collected. He can’t even stand on the street when someone is littering or throwing trash away, ruthlessly yelling at them and throwing them in the trash with the person. It may even occur to him that he washes his clothes twice, because he does not trust that the washing machine handled the task perfectly the first time.


Window cleaner, hypo, cleaning agent, pine scent – these are Cancer’s best friends. She even gets past Virgo’s obsession with cleanliness by cleaning her purse regularly, and even perfume it – because money has a smell, right? If you can’t shower at least twice a day, you feel so bad, you think you’re not clean and you ask for enough. Perhaps once or twice a year, for some special reason, he allows himself to be slack, and thinks that this happens when he really gets himself dirty, and then for the rest of the year his conscience is troubled by it. Of course, there is actually no reason for that.

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