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Exatlon Hungary: Monokee Leehel stickers, the ball doesn’t want to fall (video)

Monoki Lehel sparkled his football skills on the court, which is videotaped, the sport is close to him in every way.

We’re already at Exatlon Hungary All Stars at the end of the second week, but many are still writing in social media how much better László Palik was than his successor and would like him back.

People usually have a hard time accepting new things, but Monoki Lehel gets a lot of criticism for something. His style was very different from that of Palik, and not many like expressing a more personal opinion about the riders, and the specific situations.

With this, the focus on Réka Nagy has been shifted somewhat, as she also received a lot of criticism, even before she started working with Timi Gelencsér. They both work hard and try to entertain the audience, who may soon see a duel again.

The heroes won the last battle, which also meant that they only had to delegate two contestants to the duel, just like the competitors. And that anticipates an even more exciting battle over the course of the evening that we’re all excited about.

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