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Exatlon Hungary: Patrick said what he thinks about László Palik’s successor, Lehi Monoki

Patrick Esztergályos answered many interesting questions after his absence, including what he thinks about Lehel Monoki, the new host of Exatlon Hungary All Star.

It is to be expected that there will be negative voices after the successor to Laszlo Balek, since everyone knows how persistent people are and are inclined to scold the new, even if there is no particular problem with it.

Well, that also happened with Monoki Lehel, but an unexpected tsunami flooded social media. Much has been written about how much they dislike the style of the Monokee, speaking to the riders and racers in a very personal tone-

We can continue the streak, there is a lot of criticism that you get on a daily basis, so it is interesting to hear what the contestants think about it. Patrick Esztergályos was the first to talk about how it all happened to him, the change itself.

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“I think I am a very lousy guy, with very good questions anyway. This is the 17-year-old sports presenter, commentator and career position.” He said in a video interview with TV2.

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